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Membership is totally free. Ask us how to become a member today and receive our first-time new patient welcome packet,  which includes 1 gram Green Cross, 1 Medusa 40 mg Lollipop, and one free house pre-roll. 

Become part of our collective and reap the benefits of high quality lab tested medicine and outstanding customer service. Must be over 18+ and have your medicinal marijuana card (215 compliant). Now serving Atascadero, Templeton and Paso Robles, any other outlier areas could be subject to delivery fees.


Call us at (805) 610-1501 to be part of the Garden State Nectar collective.

ü You must have a valid medical marijuana card.


ü You must be part of the collective, in order to purchase online. (Garden State Nectar ensures an easy verification process.)


ü Order online and make your payment.


ü Enjoy high quality medications.


**Minimum $50.00 Order for Delivery Service.**