Canna Trading Co. Distillate Dabs

Canna Trading Co. Distillate Dabs


THC Clear Oil

  • Available only at California dispensaries
  • Includes natural terpenes
  • Butane-free extraction process
  • 80 –  85% pure THC

Canna Trading Company’s THC Clear Oil is distilled to refine the oil for higher THC percentages. We use a butane-free extraction process to extract only the purest, cleanest THC. Distilling the oil removes impurities and excess within it. Almost all of the chlorophyll is removed during the distillation process giving our oil that clear appearance. The clear dabs average 80 to 85% THC.

During our distillation process, we reintroduce terpenes to the oil. There are only small amounts of natural terpenes to create our flavor.